Help us Feed the Hope


I was very fortunate to participate in the campaign called "Help us Feed the Hope", from Catelli Pasta. I was asked to write a recipe with 5 ingredients plus the pasta. This recipe went into the cookbook called "Pasta Plus Five", and it was part of the campaign to raise awareness on hunger in Canada, and at the same time help folks at home cook fast, delicious, and nutritious meals. With every box of pasta sold at Sobeys and Metro in the months of March through May, Catelli donated one portion of pasta to food banks across Canada. Additionally, with every "Like" and "Share" on the Catelli Facebook page, Catelli donated one portion of pasta on behalf of the people who did this. The goal is to reach 1,000,000 portions. Up to this date, the number is at 793,207. Not bad at all!!

I was present at the Ottawa Food Bank when Catelli sent the donation. There were 3 large skids of pasta! The folks at the Food Bank told me that pasta is on the top 5 items used most, so this generous donation by Catelli will be helping a lot of people in need. Statistics tell us that around 850,000 Canadians go to food banks every month, and about 36% of those are youth and children. These are shocking numbers.

I was very excited to participate in this campaign and do my little bit to help the community. Thanks to all of you who followed me and participated in the campaign. If we all do our part, we can make the lives of many people a tiny bit better!